Audiobook Launch: Makeup And Murder: Beauty Secrets, Book 1

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Girl power (and chocolate!) in Makeup and Murder

Makeup and Murder is out! This was a fun narration project for Stephanie Damore. Stephanie writes cozy mysteries with comedy and romance sprinkled throughout.

I love narrating a main character you can really root for, and Ziva Diaz is rock solid. Cozy mysteries are, by definition, a light read, but Stephanie kept surprising me with more and more layers of girl power in the story. I’m not talking superpowers or just Ziva’s sleuthing skills, but friendship, loyalty, courage, honesty.

Cozy Mystery meets Chick Lit meets Chocolate

There’s a real chick lit vibe to it, too. Sure, there’s romance, but Ziva’s journey doesn’t revolve only around her (super hot) romantic interest. Her work, friendships, family…they’re all important to her and help drive the story forward. Refreshing. Recommended for lovers of cozy mysteries, listeners who need to find some fun to balance out the yuck in the world, and anyone who’s hosted a selling parties, and for anyone who’s ever had a girl’s night start out fun…and then just get surreal!

Yeah, I’ve been there, too.

If you’re a true chocolate lover with low impulse control, I’d suggest having some on hand when you listen to this audiobook or risk an emergency trip to the grocery store!

Free with new membership to Audible.

Makeup and Murder Stephanie Damore

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