Audiobook Launch: Kiss & Makeup

Narrating is so much fun with characters like Ziva! I’m happy to say Kiss & Makeup, Book 2 of Stephanie Damore’s Beauty Secrets Mysteries, is now available.

Ziva has her work cut out for her in this one. She has friends to get out of trouble, frenemies giving her trouble, and some nightmarish wedding planning to deal with for her best friend — on top of a business launch. My brain would explode. However, Ziva’s stays intact. (I don’t think that really counts as a spoiler, what with it being a cozy mystery and not, say, The Walking Dead.)

If you’re in need of real-world relief and some light fun, you can buy on iTunes, Amazon, or Audible. (If you’re NOT already an Audible member, it’s easy because Amazon owns it. Same username/password/account… No, worries about that. “All restaurants are Taco Bell.” (Free audiobook code for Kiss & Makeup for the first 10 people who get this pop culture reference–without an internet search–and contact me about it.)

Click to buy Kiss & Makeup on Audible (This will save you from searching that title and experiencing the momentary confusion of finding the same title on a book written by Gene Simmons, although I imagine his book would be a break from the horror that is our current news cycle, as well.).

Happy listening and wishing everyone a peaceful New Year!

Audiobook Cover for Kiss & Makeup

Listen to an excerpt from Kiss and Makeup: Beauty Secrets, Book 2