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Direct or record our voiceover session remotely using ipDTL May 3

Want to direct our session remotely? Record on your end? Have multiple parties from multiple locations listen in by landline or cell? I can do that with:





Now, I’m very content to self-direct. It’s a pretty happy gig! However, I can get a little squirrely talking all day to just…

Greta the cat climbs the vocal booth.

Greta the Auralex-Eating Cat









Love her!

Besides, directed sessions can be fun, and they’re definitely productive at getting the sound you want ASAP.

Overview of a Directed, ipDTL Session

ipDTL runs within the Google Chrome browser. You get a high quality audio feed as if you’re in the studio with me. For the wiki on ipDTL, click here. Directing me helps you hear some choices and ultimately get what you’re after, faster.

When the session is finished, I’ll edit the audio and send it, in your choice of format, by Dropbox or your method of choice.

If you prefer, you can record on your end–even make it an ISDN session! Then we’re done–you walk away with your own files right then.

What you’ll need:

I can just call you (phone patch), but when we connect through your computer, ipDTL lets you hear high quality audio. You only need:

  • A computer and mic (such as a laptop with a built-in mic, a USB headset, a mic and interface).
  • A good internet connection (wifi okay, hard-wired much better).
  • Headphones (not essential, but definitely helpful)
  • Google Chrome

Getting started:

Click on my website “contact” page and scroll down to click on this logo. (Or if we’ve made an appointment, and it’s that time, just do it here!)

A new window should appear in your browser. Type in your name and click “Enter”.

You’ll land here:






You can take the tour or simply click “Start using ipDTL”.

Sending and Receiving Audio

If the defaults aren’t right, use the drop-down controls on the left to choose correct devices for sending and receiving audio. If you need to, you can test your audio by clicking on Loopback, Echo, and Tone.

If You’re Recording on Your End

Note the mixer tab circled in red. If you’re new to ipDTL, want to record from your end, and want to sort out your work-flow before the session, use the mixer with the Loopback, Echo, and Tone generators. Or shoot me an email, I’ll shoo the cat away, and we can play around with it so you can check it out.







Hope to talk soon!